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:: huf introductory rant ::
as i am sure you have many questions, let us clarify a few things:
gl-moku: what this site is all about, a game written by k-zed, it is reminiscent of tic-tac-toe (it reminds the author of some game called gomoku, but as i have never ever heard of it, i cannot say), but it is played on the surface of a torus (donut for the uneducated), rather than a boring 3x3 board. in this exciting battle of the intellect, you take control of either the X or the O, and try to put 5 in a row, while struggling to thwart any such attempt made my your adversary. while i was writing this silly intro, k-zed told me that we could also call this game amoeba, which would be a name i am familiar with. okay, last attempt: 5-in-a-row? ring a bell?
well, the clever bit in this game, aside from the unusual gameboard, is that the gfx are in open-gl (no shit, sherlock!), and as such are pretty neat (for an amoeba that is). there is an ai, but for more challenging gameplay, you can play over the internet.
k-zed: a hungarian man who coded the whole program, and still continues to refine it, because, like all good craftsmen, he is never entirely satisfied. but he is human, so he can get bored. so send him lots of feedback. no, really.
huf: me, i did this design, so flame me at #pascal at IRCnet...

:: k-zed clarification ::
Yes, that's more or less accurate. Anyway, most of the code was written, the idea thought of, the graphics bollocked up by me. UfoZ created the funtional win32 port and helped with some other stuff. The web page was designed by huf.

:: contact ::
k-zed (Nagy Máté), web page
UfoZ (Szegő Zoltán), web page
huf (Berényi Mihály), web page

:: forge the source ::
Here is the project home at Sourceforge:

You can access the newest gl-Moku fare through CVS. This is how:
 cvs login
 cvs -z3 co glmoku
contact the author